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Become a Millionaire Online: The Best Tips On Becoming Rich

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Become a Millionaire Online: The Best Tips On Becoming Rich

Would you like to become an online millionaire, no longer have to worry about money and be able to afford whatever your heart desires? Extensive literature and the generously shared know-how on the Internet provide many tips and show you how you can realistically fulfill this dream.

You asked yourself the question: How do I become a millionaire?

Excellent! Then you are a person who wants to achieve something in his life. In this article, I'm NOT going to tell you anything about overnight wealth or that crap. Because overnight wealth usually lasts 10, 15 or even more years.

I have put together the most important information for you here to show you a feasible way. But let's get started - have fun reading!

Become a millionaire overnight - does it really work?

Here I can give you a very clear answer: No, it doesn't work. Maybe you read relevant headlines on the Internet from time to time, or the sentence "That's how I became a millionaire overnight". They are lurid claims that want to entice you into getting into the respective business - right now.

Basically, I urge caution with such "promises", because sometimes there are dubious providers behind them. Of course - they exist, the famous exceptions. There is the economics student who regularly gambles on the stock market and then one day gets a unique opportunity to reap huge profits in minutes by selling his shares.

And then there are the lottery players who picked six correct numbers. But like I said, there are exceptions. And playing the lottery in particular is about pure luck. Because if you look at the chances of getting a six, it's clearly just a matter of chance.

A true story

Also: often these headlines are simply not correct. Harry Belafonte put it very vividly: "It took me 30 years to become famous overnight." So it often just feels like success came overnight. In fact, the goal of becoming a millionaire is preceded by either a rich inheritance or systematic and, above all, continuous work.

Ok, so let's look at the realistic and really feasible strategies so that you too can soon count yourself among the millionaires.

How do I become a millionaire?

If you ask successful people today how they became successful, you will always hear the same thing. These people have passion, believe in their dream and have certain values ​​that are different from other average people.

So it's the personality (the mindset) that plays a big part in becoming successful and maybe even a millionaire.

A few food for thought for you:

  • Your really passionate desire is to become a millionaire.
  • You are absolutely willing to explore new and unconventional paths and stop following the herd.
  • You are ready to learn, to accumulate knowledge and to gain a lot of experience.
  • Defeats do not discourage you, but give you an additional boost according to the motto: "Now more than ever!"
  • You are willing to invest the necessary time and energy and, above all, to persevere, to face all challenges and stumbling blocks with confidence.
  • You are really keen to reap the rewards of your persistence and passion.

Become a millionaire online

Passive Income: Yes. Without working: No. You will have a lot to do, especially in the initial phase. Passive sources of income must also be developed, set up and expanded so that the money machine can start running smoothly without you having to do anything. You just can't make money if you don't lift a finger. So: no passive income without active work.

Ways to become a millionaire with passive income

1. Investments that bring returns

You can grow your money by investing or lending it and later getting it back with interest. And of course this also works online in today's digital age! In direct comparison to conventional offline investment methods, you can even generate significantly higher profits here and give your goal of becoming a millionaire a good jolt in the right direction.

These investment methods include crowd investing, crowd lending and peer-to-peer lending.

2. Real estate as a yield object

Real estate is only suitable for passive income if you don't use it yourself, but as an investment property. If you sublet the property, you can expect average returns of two or three percent. You can generally earn more with commercial real estate, but you have to reckon with a higher stake again. So that you can become a millionaire, you should not ignore this stream of income, but also monitor the market and interest rate developments.

3. Make money on the internet

There is currently an absolute gold rush mood for the following topics. Many people want to become an online marketer or internet marketer :
  • Passive income on the internet
  • earn money on the Internet
  • Build an online business
And this is exactly where I can tell you from my own experience how cool this option is. You can work from home, be your own boss and organize your time freely.

Those are all awesome benefits. I would like to ask you a question: Do you really want to become a millionaire? Or is it perhaps much more interesting to become financially free in order to lead a beautiful and self-determined life?

Well, whatever your inner drive, I have a few things to tell you about making money online . Now, however, I would like to digress a bit from the topic of "how to become a millionaire" and give you some concrete tips on how you can make money on the Internet.

4. Make money from a website

Since I have already published some interesting articles on this topic, I would like to refer to them here:
  • build online business
  • create site
  • Make money with affiliate marketing

Suppose you have a website that many people visit. Then you can rent advertising space or set affiliate links to open up another source of income. The more people visit your website, the more interesting it becomes for potential advertisers. This opens up a really lucrative source of income for you and brings you much closer to your goal of becoming a millionaire.

Another option is pay-per-click advertising. Google AdSense is very easy, especially for beginners. Your website will be analyzed by Google, and then appropriately tailored advertising will be displayed. When someone clicks on the ad, you earn automatically.

Affiliate marketing is also a good source of income on your way to becoming a millionaire. You offer products and services from other providers on your website and receive a commission as soon as a visitor uses the offer via this link.

5. Sale of Digital Products

Sell ​​your knowledge as a commodity - via e-book, video tutorial, webinar - the possibilities are countless. If you want to earn good money with this variant and become a millionaire, you have to deal with the topic of online marketing thoroughly. E-books are also an attractive goodie, for example to generate newsletter subscribers.

Learn from the self-made millionaires

To get closer to your dream of becoming a millionaire, you should study the practices and strategies of people who have already made it. The most famous self-made millionaires include:
  • Kris Stelljes, who started with the Amazon affiliate program and is now making a fortune with a structured online business for digital products.
  • Alex Fischer from Düsseldorf, who started out with arranging financing for real estate and is now passing on his knowledge as an entrepreneur worth millions.
  • Birger Schäfermeier, the well-known day trader who doesn't give up even when he's making losses on the stock exchange.

The perfect mindset to become a millionaire

To become a millionaire over the internet, you need patience and perseverance. You have to invest time and energy to get the money machine rolling. You also need a first-class attitude towards your goal of becoming a millionaire - the so-called mindset of the successful. What exactly does it include?
  • Dream big, think visionary
  • Pursue your passion
  • Take responsibility and control of your life
  • Plan with strategy, pursue clear goals
  • Expect defeat and don't be afraid of it
  • Discard false beliefs about money and wealth
  • Don't shy away from work, be a real workaholic at the beginning
  • Surround yourself with the right people, find the right social circle as a "reference group"
  • Train your endurance, your self-discipline and your courage
Ok, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for your goal of becoming a millionaire. But the points mentioned are extremely important for this, and you will find these attitudes in really every person who is successful.

Become an internet millionaire

Incidentally, courage is the exact equivalent of fear. It doesn't mean that you should take incalculable risks to finally become a millionaire one day. Courage means you are not afraid of failure and are willing to get up one more time than you fall. It also means that you can start without any guarantee of success and keep going, even when things get really difficult.


Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. This is probably why you were also searching for “how to become a millionaire”. However, you should think about whether becoming a millionaire is really your goal.

If you want to achieve that, you have to work very hard. Maybe your goals are:
  • I want to be financially free
  • I want to lead my time and my life independently
  • I would like more time for family, friends and hobbies
  • My goal is not to have to work until 67
  • I want to have the money to lead a beautiful and fulfilling life
I recommend that you think about it again. If the aspects just mentioned apply to you, then your own online business is a very good way to achieve exactly that.

These aspects are values ​​that are also very important to me personally. Thanks to my online business, I have achieved exactly that. Have fun and good luck on your further way.

FAQ - questions and answers

How do I become a millionaire?

To do this, you must first have a passionate desire to become a millionaire. Then you have to be willing to learn and take unconventional paths. In the end you need a lot of time, energy and above all perseverance. Because getting rich doesn't happen overnight and you have to put a lot of energy into your idea in the future?

What are the best self-made millionaire ideas?

My recommendation is to start your own online business. Because that's exactly what I did myself. I started with it in 2010 and meanwhile I am extremely successful with it. You can make money from your website. For example, with affiliate marketing or creating and selling digital products. Both can of course also be perfectly combined.

What are the best tips to get rich?

You need a first class attitude first. Dream big and follow your passion. You have to take responsibility for your life. Set goals and then plan your strategy. Above all, get rid of negative beliefs about wealth. Surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be. The best way to learn is from self-made millionaires, how they went about it and what strategies they use. Then do those things. Find someone who is already where you want to be and use that person as a coach.

Can you make a lot of money with an online business?

The digital age has created many new business areas and opportunities. Many so-called internet marketers have made a lot of money with an online business and have become very successful with it. In fact, such a business model is very interesting. However, this does not happen overnight and certainly not overnight. Building an online business requires a lot of diligence, patience and time.

Can I make money from home?

More and more people are working from home. This can be as an employee in the home office or self-employment. There are many freelancers, digital assistants and service providers who choose such a business model. Whether you get rich with it, of course, always depends on the commitment and the circumstances. Rich does not always have to be money. One can also be rich in terms of time and freedom. The digital revolution offers many possibilities and opportunities. Check for yourself whether this is interesting and something for you.

Are there people who have become millionaires through an online business?
Oh yes, there are many of them. I know some of them personally and these people are living their dream. Everyone works hard and a lot and absolutely deserves the success. For many, however, freedom is much more important than the amount of money they earn. They can decide for themselves how much they work and don't have an annoying boss. As an online entrepreneur, you can work anywhere and organize your time freely. In addition to money, there are many other interesting advantages associated with this job profile if you do it right.

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