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Create digital products: Sell Niche Products

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Would you like to sell digital products and pass on your knowledge to other people? You can sell digital products such as e-books, audio courses and video courses very easily and efficiently over the Internet.

You have ingenious technical possibilities at your disposal with which you can create and sell digital products. In this article I will also show you a few ideas and practical examples.

Create digital products

Create digital products: Sell Niche Products

Creating digital products is basically very simple. We are mainly talking about the following 3 ways in which you can publish your idea:

  • Create e-book in PDF format
  • Audiobook in MP3 format
  • Create online video course

The creation is easy and you can process the sale fully automatically via the Internet. Once you've implemented the entire process, everything runs on autopilot. There are thousands of examples, more on that later.

Your visitor is interested in your topic and visits your website. Then he buys one of your products over the web. He then receives the invoice and access to his product fully automatically. This can be a download or access to a member area. In addition, this person receives suitable additional offers via e-mail marketing and you can increase your sales.

On the following pages you will find instructions on how to create digital products:

  • Create eBook
  • Create audio book
  • Create video course

However, I would like to briefly go into the individual variants and give you a few tips. Then I'll show you an example of how to sell these digital goods:

Create eBook

Creating an e-book is really easy. You don't need any specific software for this and you don't have to rely on Amazon or other services. It's possible, of course, but I recommend the following:

Create your e-book with an ordinary word processing program and turn it into a PDF file. Because the PDF format can be read and opened on any device. This makes it very easy for your customers, which is another plus point.

  • Start with the table of contents. Then you have a clear outline of how your book should be structured.
  • Based on the table of contents, you create your new work chapter by chapter
  • Have a 3D cover created so that your product is presented professionally.

You can of course protect your e-book with a password if you wish. Rather, I recommend that you create a protected member area where the e-book can be downloaded or the video course viewed.

Create audio book

One of the things you can use for an audio book (audio course) is a small lapel microphone that you attach to your shirt/T-shirt. This is available wirelessly or with a cable, which ultimately establishes the connection to your PC or recording device. There are some good software solutions that you can use to save and edit your recordings.

Another option would be to record your existing e-book as an audio course. You can then offer the audio course for sale separately or as a combination package.

Audio courses are now very popular, for example while jogging, in the gym or while driving. This is simply practical and saves time.

Create video course

Creating a video course is easier than you probably think. There are basically two ways to create a video course.

Possibility 1

You can stand in front of the camera like I do in this video. Of course you need a camera and possibly an external microphone.

Possibility 2

You record your screen directly. There are special software solutions for this, these are called screen capture software. For the PC, Camtasia Studio is a good solution.

This allows you to show and explain certain things directly on the screen. I do the same thing in my WordPress video course. I show the installation and all steps directly on the screen and my customer can imitate all work steps directly and 1:1.

You can then make the videos available in your member area. In conjunction with WordPress, there is an excellent plugin that will help you create a members area in no time.

After ordering the digital product, the customer automatically receives access data and can then log into the protected area and access their product.

Delivering digital products: an example

In the following I would like to show you a short practical example of how you can sell digital products and goods. You can fully realize your ideas with digital products.

The process of selling digital products

  • Prospect visits your website.
  • He clicks on the sales page.
  • The interested party clicks on the order button and gets to the order page.
  • The interested party fills out the order form and completes the ordering process.
  • After the order, the new customer is offered a confirmation or an upsell (additional product).
  • He receives the invoice fully automatically.
  • 1 minute after placing the order, the customer receives access to the product (link/access data).
  • He receives useful information and other offers via e-mail marketing

You can also fully automate this process, isn't that cool?

With the sale of digital products you now have the opportunity to put your ideas into practice.

Online order form VS. Online shop

In the past, you would have needed a complicated online shop to do this. Today you only need a payment provider, which you can easily integrate.

To do this, you integrate a sell button on the sales page. This directs the interested party to an order page. There are special payment providers who take over this process for you. You only specify the general conditions (product name, price, payment modalities) and the payment provider takes care of the payment processing for you.

This can be a special download area or access to a protected member area where he can log in with his user name and password and then access the products he has bought.

Online Payment Provider

Thanks to an online payment provider (see recommendation above), you can easily integrate the ordering option on your website.

With the payment provider, the daily income is thus summarized and you can decide whether you want your sales to be paid out weekly, 2-weekly or monthly.

Digital products: find your idea / niche

Surely there is a certain topic where you have more knowledge than other people. With this knowledge you can help other people and solve their problems. You don't have to have studied for this and you don't even need a high school diploma.

If you have knowledge in an area that you can use to help other people, that's perfect. You can publish your knowledge in an e-book, audio course or video course and offer it for sale.

In online marketing we are talking about niche products . Find a niche where you can help other people with your knowledge. Thanks to these online marketing strategies, you can sell digital products.

Selling digital products – the procedure

Below I will show you how to create and sell digital products.

  • Decide on a niche (topic) where you can help other people and solve their problems.
  • Create a website where you present your products, services and offers.
  • Create quality information for your prospects and publish it on your website
  • Deal with the topic of online marketing and watch my practical webinar 
  • Get lots of people visiting your site. The magic word for this is SEO

With this approach you can see that the individual steps are logically understandable and also more duplicated for other niches. Of course, this is no introduction to the subject. I wanted to give you a little insight into the topic of selling digital products .

Accordingly, digital products are a great way for you to earn passive income on the Internet . You have no production costs and you can sell the products thousands of times.

Digital product ideas

You have read this article up to here and find the topic very exciting? Super that makes me happy. Perhaps you still lack the right idea for the product you want to sell over the web.

digital products- examples & ideas

For this reason I have put together a few ideas for selling for you:

  • Think of a topic that interests you and that you are passionate about.
  • Choose an area where you can help other people with your knowledge.
  • Find a problem that you can solve for other people.

Your idea for a digital product does not have to be a gigantic reinvention for mankind. It can be a solution to a small specific problem that you can help other people with.

Here are a few concrete ideas for digital products that others have already put into practice:

  • Online Dog Training
  • Vegan Recipes
  • childbirth class
  • Photography for beginners
  • Build your own tree house
  • Online baking course
  • Country/Region/Island Travel Guide
  • spirituality and esotericism
  • learn to play the guitar

Those were a few concrete ideas and examples for digital products. Maybe I could use it to stimulate your imagination about which digital products you would like to sell in the future.

Advantages of digital products

In direct comparison to a physical product or opening a physical store, it is a lot easier and cheaper to create a digital product. It doesn't matter whether it's about creating an e-book, a video course or an audio course.

You will incur almost no costs if you do it cleverly. You can create a digital product with your PC/MAC and one or two software solutions.

Your digital product can also be updated and changed at any time. Compared to a printed book or DVD mailing, you are much more flexible and can always offer your customers a current version of your products.

A physical product, on the other hand, cannot be changed after production. Once printed or burned to CD/DVD. I don't want to badmouth the classic book at this point, but this is about the advantages that you definitely have when creating an e-book or video course.

Of course, there are still many consumers who want to hold a printed book in their hands. However, the trend and tendency are clearly going in the digital direction.

Earn Money on the Internet

Since January 2010 I've been earning my money online. I help people build websites, sell products, and do online marketing.

I have developed many e-learning courses and written a number of books over the years. On the following page you will find an overview of the help I have created for you.

The following products will be of particular interest to you:

  • E-learning courses on WordPress (website creation)
  • Book "Money Machine Internet"
  • Book "NINJA SKILLS for Passive Income on the Internet"

The beauty of it is that you can make money from home. You are your own boss and can organize your time freely. This freedom is a great feeling and you can also help other people with your knowledge and do good.

Welcome to the digital age and the ingenious possibilities thanks to online marketing. While others drive to work every day, you can earn money from home with your notebook. I hope you enjoy selling digital products.

What are you an expert at?

Surely you also have an area in which you know your way around much better than most other people. Ideally, you can use your knowledge to solve a specific problem. If you are also enthusiastic about this topic and you enjoy it, that is of course ideal.

The classic examples of digital products are as follows:

  • eBooks
  • audio courses
  • video courses

Creating digital products is not that difficult these days, there are numerous programs and tools that make it relatively easy for you to do this. You can also completely automate the processing of the order, but I already mentioned that.

Since you don't send a "tangible object" by post with a digital product as in the conventional sense, the customer receives his goods seconds after ordering. There are no costs for printing and shipping.

How to sell digital products

So that you understand the process a little better, here is another example. I am an expert in WordPress and online marketing  and I help my clients in exactly these areas.

  1. A "surfer" finds my website via the Internet. It can be an article like this one or a landing page where I ask for their email address and then give them tips and tricks on the subject.
  2. Once I have the prospect's email address, I can send high-quality information on the topic via email marketing. This allows me to build trust and give interested parties useful information.
  3. I then advertise my products in further e-mails. These are e-books and video courses in which I show exactly how to use WordPress to create a website, blog or even an online marketing website (to stay on topic)
  4. So you get to a sales page where you can find all information about my product and get information about it. A button takes you to the actual order page.
  5. All conceivable payment options are available to you on the order page. Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email with your personal access data to the members' area, where you can download your e-book or watch the video course. You will also receive an invoice in PDF format.

This procedure shows very clearly how smart and easy the whole process is. In the background there are of course a few software tools that you have to administer.

I have created a comprehensive "Online Marketing Basic Training" for you, in which I will show you these steps in detail. In it I will also tell you which software tools and solutions I use.

What are niche products?

Niche products address a very specific problem. A problem that many people have. This niche product solves exactly this problem. The product itself can be:

  • eBook
  • audio course
  • video course
  • physical product
  • service
  • coaching

In the following video I go into detail on how you can find a niche product and sell it successfully:

Digital products and e-learning such as e-books and video courses are very popular . Product delivery is very easy and the cost is very low. Consequently, you can automate almost all processes. For this reason, the topic of niche products and niche markets is such an exciting topic for many.

We are talking about passive income here. After you are interested in niche products, this is certainly an interesting aspect for you.

Find niche products

Do you already have a niche product that you would like to recommend or sell? If so, congratulations!

If you are still looking for ideas in this regard, you should take a closer look at the niche market. A specific recommendation would not be appropriate at this point. If all readers of this article would follow this recommendation, none of you would really enjoy it.

However, there are 2 areas, one of which is interesting:

  • fun markets
  • troubled markets

Forget the fun market, it's very hard to sell niche products here. That's why you should look for a niche in a problem market. Find a problem that you can solve for many people. The more people have this problem, the better.

  • I would like to give you some food for thought below:
  • What are you better at than other people?
  • What do other people ask you for advice on?
  • What things are you particularly interested in?
  • What are you an expert at?
  • Ask your friends what they see as your strengths.

As you ponder these questions, a lot of interesting ideas will come to your mind. In addition, you should immediately write your ideas down in an idea book, because later you will quickly forget these great ideas.

Million Market "niche market"

As you have certainly recognized in this article, the niche market is an absolute gap in the market. Many niches have already been occupied, but there are still enough topics that have been waiting for you.

This is a market worth millions with gigantic potential. The internet gives us opportunities that didn't exist before.

  • You can work when you want.
  • You can work where you want.
  • There is no boss bossing you around.
  • Depending on the workload, you decide how much you will earn.
  • You have freedom of location and time.

I've been earning my money online since 2010 and it has changed my life 180 degrees. I am very thankful for the internet and its possibilities.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to my 2 books, which teach you all the important basics. You can find the links to them a little further up in this article. I wish you lots of fun and maximum success.

FAQ – Questions & Answers

How can I create a digital product?

E-books, audio books and video courses are among the most popular digital products on the market. Of course, there are also combinations of these or, for example, online membership in a members' area. In contrast to physical goods, the creation is much easier and cheaper.

  • You can easily create an e-book with your word processing program and turn it into a PDF file.
  • You can either record an audio book yourself with a high-quality microphone or hire a professional speaker to do it.
  • You can record a video course using a tool like Screenflow or Camtasia Studio.

How can I sell digital products?

You can sell your products yourself directly via your website. There are special payment providers such as Digistore24 . This is a German provider who takes care of the complete payment processing and invoicing for you. In addition, Digistore24 offers many valuable marketing features that you will love.

Do I need a shop system for selling digital products?

No, you don't need that. For example, if you sell an e-book and a video course, then selling directly through a payment provider like Digistore24 is much easier. All you have to do is create a sales page and add the buy button to the order form.

Can I sell digital products automatically?

Yes, you can, and that's the big advantage of digital goods. You can fully automate the entire sales process and product delivery.

What is a niche product?

A niche product is a solution to a problem in a specific niche market. This can be an e-book, a printed book or an online video course. The aim is to be able to solve the customer's problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can I sell a niche product?

You have several options for this. A simple and common method is to sell an e-book or online course using the solution. You need a website and a so-called sales page where your customer can buy the product. You also need a payment provider and a member area for product delivery. There are now ingenious tools that are very easy to use.

How can I earn money with my knowledge?

Everyone can do something and knows things with which they can help other people and solve specific problems. Surely you also know a certain niche very well. You can probably answer a lot of questions right here and solve problems accordingly. You can sell this knowledge to customers via a website, for example in the form of an e-book or an online video course.

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